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What do you recommend for my body shape?

What do you recommend for my body shape? A question that we, as bridal shop assistants, get asked regularly at the beginning of an appointment. And it’s the one I dread!! Well….dread is probably slightly too strong a sentiment. Let’s say…….try to hold off on until a little bit further into the appointment at least!

It’s amazing how many times I’ve misjudged a person’s body shape/size from an initial glance. I’ve had brides arrive in the colder months wrapped up in weather appropriate parkas, judged them to be slightly broader up top only for them to take off layer upon layer of woolly jumpers to unveil a super svelte frame. Similarly I’ve had brides that have been particularly blessed with a lovely set of slim ankles but when they have taken off their flowing summer dress have revealed a slightly more rounded silhouette.

So you see…’s a really tough question to answer at the start. And even after seeing a bride stripped down to their underwear ready to try on the first dress, I still find it a tough one.

Yes, there are generic rules that you will hear when you read magazine articles on body shape like…… go for an A line skirt if you are pear shaped as it will balance out your bottom half or avoid a high neckline if you are fuller busted as it may draw attention to your chest.

And yes, there is some reasoning behind these suggestions. It makes sense that the classic A line gown, with its subtle and balanced lines will highlight the narrowest point of a pear shape and gradually flare out over her lower half, making it very easy to wear.

But what if this particular pear shape is not a classic bride? What if she has a huge personality and doesn’t want to hide her equally huge booty? Should I sway her away from the super figure hugging mermaid styles she’s immediately drawn towards something that skims her hips based on the rules?

My point is this………….these generic style rules don’t take into consideration a whole host of different things which, in my eyes, determines what suits a bride on her big day. I think it’s very difficult to come straight out and categorize brides into shapes they should and shouldn’t be wearing. Yes Gok Wan can do this day in day out and it seems to make a big difference to the ladies he helps.

But wedding dresses are different. Wedding dresses are cut differently to dresses in high street stores. Wedding dresses have very different construction. Wedding dresses are a one off statement. Your wedding dress should make you shine and I would prefer you to ditch the rules and find a dress that matches your personality and fits you……………..rather than wear something just because you should!


With love xx

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