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Hot off the catwalk....Barcelona Bridal Week 2017

Thanks to those pesky French air traffic controllers (who inconsiderately decided to go on strike just in time for our departure) our trip to Barcelona didn't get off to the best start with over a 2hour delay. We took off just as we were supposed to be landing! A few proseccos on board helped soften the blow and all was back on track as our plane touched down on the sunny Tarmac.

Well what can we say.....As usual Pronovias had pulled out all the stops for their 2017 showcase. The newly revamped Juan Carlos 1 hotel was the perfect spot to chill out in between meetings, catwalk shows and lots of yummy meals.

After Getting our usual rep meetings out of the way, Emma and I hooked up with the rest of our entourage on Friday evening to begin the customary preparations for the catwalk and gala ball. 6 women , 2 hotel rooms, a pile of hair styling equipment and possibly every brand of make up under the sun. Throw into the mix a hell of a lot of Spanx and you can only chaos!! But we made it and hey presto.....

Word on the street was that Irina Shayk was headlining the models this year and she nor any of the others didn't disappoint. Oh my lord........they all looked amazing. After having seen the most recent Hello magazine with Arnold swartzenegger's daughter Katherine modelling the preview atelier 2017 range whilst getting my hair done the day before leaving (the usual pre Barcelona prep!) we were all on look out for her and any other celebs at the show. Whitney Port, Louise Roe, Malena Costa to name but a few we spied. Gorgeous ladies all wearing Pronovias Fiesta collection
If you didn't get the chance to see the live streaming of the catwalk, definitely check out on YouTube ....and see for yourself.

The focus with this collection was on backs that dazzled with gemstones, original cuts in the skirts, delicate laces and lots of transparencies. Swoon-worthy to say the least!! To say that we are excited to get them in store is a major understatement.

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