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To Maternity And Beyond

So here I am in the last week of work before I head off to await the arrival of Baby H. Excited? Yes. Scared? Yes. But as all the lovely brides along with their mums, sisters, aunties and grannies that have come into the shop keep assuring me, ‘It will be worth it’ and ‘an amazing experience…..Ladies I’m taking your word for it! I would like to thank all these said ladies for being so lovely and patient. With my awkward baby giraffe bending when fixing trains and picking up clips, it has definitely given us some laughs!

Right now I’m finding it strange trying to imagine the next 9 months not being in La Boda everyday dealing with all the amazing people that come through the door and instead dealing with dirty nappies and night feeds… how very different indeed. Again ladies…I’m taking your word that it will all be worth it!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the brides I have dealt with, who will be getting married while I’m off, the most amazing wedding day. Please, please, please send pics! It might be the only thing that keeps me going until I get back to the land of La Boda. I already can’t wait to get back to helps lots of new brides find their perfect dress.

Lots of love & hugs

Carmen xx

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