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Time to start dress shopping

So you have just got engaged, beautiful ring on your finger and your date set. Now it’s time to start the fun bit… dress shopping. Yayyyyyy!!! Although it is very tempting to go to every bridal shop you’ve ever heard of and try on as many dresses as humanly possible, that can only end in confusion or wanting to buy at least 5 wedding dresses…great if that is your aim! So before you start booking your consultations here are a few tips and some advice on what to expect from dress shopping.

Research your style
With the amount of shops, designers and dress styles out there it can make your head spin trying to figure out where to start. So we advise the ever so trusty Internet!!... it really can be your best friend. Try to get a good picture of your day and how you would love to look walking down that aisle. Then start researching designers and find out who does ‘your style’. Then find out which shops stock those designers and voila... you are ready to draw up your short list and book your consultations.

Figure out who’s best to come along (see ‘who to bring’ point below) and when they are free. Then get booking! If it is a Saturday that suits you best then be prepared to book in advance. As this is the most popular shopping day some shops tend to be booked up for a number of weeks and some shops also have a consultation fee for Saturday and Public Holiday appointments so have a card handy to make your booking.

Appointments Initial appointments tend be about an hour long. In this time you can expect to try on a range of different dress styles. Make sure your consultant knows your ideas so they can pick out the best dresses to suit your desires. Try to stay open minded as sometimes your consultant may just advise a dress style you hadn’t necessarily thought of.

Who to bring
Generally it’s advisable that you don’t bring your entire entourage with you. Your maid of honour and/or your mum should be sufficient. With too many conflicting opinions, you can get a little overwhelmed when what you actually need are a couple of trustworthy people who know you really well and can help you make that all important decision. You never know when you might find your dress so always best to have the necessary people with you to do so.

Set a budget
The last thing you want is finding the perfect dress only to have your dreams shattered when you see the price tag! If you have a specific budget in mind make sure you tell the consultant when booking your appointment. They will happily help you find something perfect without having to resort to drastic measures like cutting guests or putting your bridesmaids in bin liners!!

What to wear
Most shops like to give you a hand getting in and out of the dresses so wear underwear that you are comfortable in. Nude coloured, seamless underwear and a good strapless bra are the best choice. Remember bad underwear will affect the way a dress looks and sits. Try and keep fake tan and make up to a minimum. It can get warm getting in and out of dresses and samples are very precious so smears of fake tan and lipstick all over them is not a good look...especially for the next bride wanting to try on! Feel free to bring along heels if you fancy a walk around in the dresses although most shops have podiums for you to stand on so you don’t necessarily need them.

Sample Sizes
Please shop with an open mind. Not every sample is going to fit you perfectly. In fact most won’t. Some might be too big and will need to be pinned in and some might be too small meaning you will have to use a little bit of imagination. If you have concerns about the size of the shops samples you should have a chat about it this when booking your appointment. Some shops specialize in petite or plus sizes so it’s definitely worth a mention.

Be prepared to find your dress
Yes it is possible to find your dress at your first appointment and it is even possible that it could be the very first dress you try on. So be prepared to ‘say yes to the dress’ at any point. At the end of the day that is why you’re out shopping, right?

So armed with info, tips and advice… enjoy your shopping and we hope to see you soon at La Boda Bridal.
With love
Carmen xx

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