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La Boda's 2020 Collections

We’re super in love with our current collections in store and want to share with you a bit of info about our styles and sizes for the coming year.

New to us for this season is Australian bohemian brand, Madi Lane. We couldn’t pass this new label up when we first saw it and if the boho look is up your street, you’ll see why!

Still going strong from last year is our Stephanie Allin Couture collection which is exclusive to us in Northern Ireland. We’re determined to keep it that way as they are just far too nice to share!

Stephanie Allin - Monroe

Finally, the brand that has been with us from day dot – Pronovias and Atelier Pronovias. We’ve already seen and picked the first of our 2021 collections from this Spanish giant and can’t wait for them to arrive April/May time.

Elettra - Pronovias
Orbit - Atelier Pronvias

Whilst most of our samples in store from these designers are mainly UK size 8-14, we’ve also consciously developed a curated capsule collection in sizes UK16-20. 

Mandalay - Madi Lane

We’ve noticed a bit of hype recently on social media specifically around the issue of sample sizes in bridal shops and brides who haven’t had the best experience on the back of this. Therefore we want to lay our la boda cards, at the very least, on the table. 

Whilst we try our very best to cater for as many shapes, styles, sizes as we can, we are unfortunately limited by a number of things, a few of which being the styles and sizes that our chosen designers specialize in, the space we have in our shop and, let’s not forget, the money we have in our pockets!

Everyone knows that it’s very rare that a sample will fit perfectly. But believe us when we say, that it is equally as awkward and upsetting for us as bridal consultants when a bride happens to be either a good bit too big or just too small for a sample that they have travelled specifically to see. 

We welcome everyone equally to our boutique but would say, that if you have any concerns at all about styles or sizes of our samples carried in store, please feel free to call us for a chat. 

With love xx

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