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Don't mention the budget!

Chatting over our last blog about our current collections, we realized we didn’t touch at all on the quite often taboo subject of ‘cost’.  How many times have we been in an appointment where one member of the bridal party asks the price of a dress only to be hushed by someone else who doesn’t want cost to be a ‘decider’? Happy days! Lucky bride! Lucky us!

The reality for most though is that cost can very much be a decider. Let’s face it, when planning a wedding alongside perhaps house hunting, paying childcare costs…… most brides who are paying for their wedding dress themselves do have a budget in mind. Those parents who have kindly chosen to fund the dress as their contribution to the wedding can also have a top limit!

Our dresses in our main bridal room range between £1400 and £4000 with most being in and around £1700-£2500. We do also have a sale/off the peg room which is super popular where wedding dresses can be found for as little as £500. We’re always open to a little bit of negotiation as well when it comes to these dresses!

We reckon here at la boda we can accommodate most budgets but it’s super helpful for us if you are happy to share your ideal price range with us. It just means that we can make the most of the time that you have with us and we 100% promise you that you won’t be limited in your choices. If you don’t want to bring the subject up at the appointment, just fill in the relevant box on our online booking form or give us a wee call to chat through your preferences.

Look forward to welcoming you soon.

With love

La boda xx

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