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Don't miss La Boda's Flash Lockdown Sale which is on Tuesday 19th January. Many 2021 sample dresses have been added to the sale page on for you to check out ahead of Tuesday. There are dresses in the sale to cater for all budgets with dresses ranging from £2500 right down to £200. If there is a dress or dresses that you would be interested in trying on in the comfort of your own home doing lockdown, all you need to do is call the shop on 02840628811 on Tuesday 19th january between the hours of 9.30am and 4.30pm. Someone will be there to take your call, payment and details re postage etc. We will require the full price paid for the dresses in order to send out. However you will have 7 days to decide whether to keep or return for a full refund (provided the dress is returned in the same condition). If you have any questions that you want to ask about any of the dresses prior to sale day, please contact us via facebook or instagram for the quickest response. With love xx

Chatting over our last blog about our current collections, we realized we didn’t touch at all on the quite often taboo subject of ‘cost’.  How many times have we been in an appointment where one member of the bridal party asks the price of a dress only to be hushed by someone else who doesn’t want cost to be a ‘decider’? Happy days! Lucky bride! Lucky us!

The reality for most though is that cost can very much be a decider. Let’s face it, when planning a wedding alongside perhaps house hunting, paying childcare costs…… most brides who are paying for their wedding dress themselves do have a budget in mind. Those parents who have kindly chosen to fund the dress as their contribution to the wedding can also have a top limit!

Our dresses in our main bridal room range between £1400 and £4000 with most being in and around £1700-£2500. We do also have a sale/off the peg room which is super popular where wedding dresses can be found for as little as £500. We’re always open to a little bit of negotiation as well when it comes to these dresses!

We reckon here at la boda we can accommodate most budgets but it’s super helpful for us if you are happy to share your ideal price range with us. It just means that we can make the most of the time that you have with us and we 100% promise you that you won’t be limited in your choices. If you don’t want to bring the subject up at the appointment, just fill in the relevant box on our online booking form or give us a wee call to chat through your preferences.

Look forward to welcoming you soon.

With love

La boda xx

We’re super in love with our current collections in store and want to share with you a bit of info about our styles and sizes for the coming year.

New to us for this season is Australian bohemian brand, Madi Lane. We couldn’t pass this new label up when we first saw it and if the boho look is up your street, you’ll see why!

Still going strong from last year is our Stephanie Allin Couture collection which is exclusive to us in Northern Ireland. We’re determined to keep it that way as they are just far too nice to share!

Stephanie Allin - Monroe

Finally, the brand that has been with us from day dot – Pronovias and Atelier Pronovias. We’ve already seen and picked the first of our 2021 collections from this Spanish giant and can’t wait for them to arrive April/May time.

Elettra - Pronovias
Orbit - Atelier Pronvias

Whilst most of our samples in store from these designers are mainly UK size 8-14, we’ve also consciously developed a curated capsule collection in sizes UK16-20. 

Mandalay - Madi Lane

We’ve noticed a bit of hype recently on social media specifically around the issue of sample sizes in bridal shops and brides who haven’t had the best experience on the back of this. Therefore we want to lay our la boda cards, at the very least, on the table. 

Whilst we try our very best to cater for as many shapes, styles, sizes as we can, we are unfortunately limited by a number of things, a few of which being the styles and sizes that our chosen designers specialize in, the space we have in our shop and, let’s not forget, the money we have in our pockets!

Everyone knows that it’s very rare that a sample will fit perfectly. But believe us when we say, that it is equally as awkward and upsetting for us as bridal consultants when a bride happens to be either a good bit too big or just too small for a sample that they have travelled specifically to see. 

We welcome everyone equally to our boutique but would say, that if you have any concerns at all about styles or sizes of our samples carried in store, please feel free to call us for a chat. 

With love xx

As the dresses start to filter onto the La Boda rails we cannot help but fall in love with the beautiful fabrics and stunning silhouettes. Welsh designer Stephanie Allin stays true to her style with soft, feminine designs and it's just what La Boda needed. We have always had our hearts set on finding a British designer for La Boda and the timing was just right for us getting Stephanie Allin.

To welcome the new collection we are hosting our first ever 'Dresses on Tour' event from Thursday 3rd - Monday 7th October....yayyyy!! Get in touch to book your appointment.

As we entered the halls of Barcelona fashion week 'just to have a nosey' we stumbled across this beautiful French designer. The stand was filled with prettiness and as the 3 of ooh'd and ahh'd we decided we just had to have them. The desired have the perfect balance of classic, modern and couture... all the things we love in a wedding dress!

Emelia, a philosophy...

They like to say that a bride should wear her wedding dress just as she would wear her favorite pair of jeans, freely and simply.

For over 40 years, this vision of wedding dresses has made the success of Evelyne Delaroche, Chantal and Monique Joubert, the founders of the brand Cymbeline.

Today, they write a new page of the history of the wedding fashion, together with young talents, with their new brand ATELIER EMELIA PARIS.

The three sisters decided to pull together the words ATELIER and EMELIA: a symbol of their work and a tribute to their foremother

ATELIER EMELIA PARIS: three words, three sisters, for the dress of one of the most beautiful events in the life of a woman.

A new brand and a new approach with handcrafted models designed in their workshop based in Nemours 60 km from Paris.

That is where they reinvent wedding dresses bringing their own inspiration to the tradition of the French Haute Couture.

An authentic know-how, a mastering of cutting and fitting and a creativity which endlessly flourishes. Another trilogy that has already seduced thousands of brides worldwide.

Valuing French know-how above all, they work with masters in craftsmanship such as the lace of Calais, the embroiderers of Villers Outréaux but also with the best Italian and Spanish weavers for mikados, tulle or silk organza.

Their favorite material, Calais Lace that they endlessly shape with a modern twist.

Since 1972, they have been reshaping wedding fashion, creating the first corsets, red dresses, denim dresses and simply stunning dresses.

Their desire: to revamp wedding’s tradition and fashion for a woman in love, free and modern.

Their will: to ensure that ATELIER EMELIA PARIS manufactures the dress that will make her sublime on the D-Day.

Their desire, their will and their passion: to make this very special day the most beautiful.

Incomparable. Unforgettable.


5 years ago today I got up, I got ready and I married my man! Yep it was as simple as that. We had the best day surrounded by most of our favourite people but missed those who couldn't make the long flight over from my home country, South Africa. We have achieved so much in our 5 years of marriage including the boss babe Miss Phoebe being born in 2016 and most recently finding our forever home. Hooray to the rest of our crazy future together….

Our wedding day suppliers:
Photographer: Emma Kenny
Venue: Riverdale Barn
Room Dressing: SBD Events
Both Dresses: Pronovias
Bridesmaids: JLM
Suits: Groom Formal Hire
Cars: Cloud9 and Groom Wedding Cars
Flowers: All Seasons, Dunmurray
Make up: Paula Hayes MUA
Hair: Coccolare

We’ve been on the hunt for a super nice jewellery range for a good while now. There’s so much costume jewellery out there on the high street at really good prices so it made no sense for us to try to compete with these bigger retailers. 

On the flip side, after shelling out for the dress of your dreams, you’re not so flush to be shelling out for real diamonds either!  One option is to drop a few subtle hints to your partner. Some savvy partners will pick up on these and surprise you with a little blue box on the morning of your wedding. Lucky you! The vast majority though will either pretend that this is lost on them and ignore....or will simply just not cotton on. Not so lucky!

But never fear. Our new collection of Thomas Laine Jewellery is perfect for you. It’s not costume. It’s made using fine jewellery manufacturing techniques. All are sterling silver/18ct yellow gold/Rhodium plated and use only the best of cubic zirconia. Yes, they are slightly more expensive than your high street costume jewellery but yes, you can tell. These are pieces that will stand the test of time and are real keepsakes. 

When we met Eimear, the designer, towards the end of last year and discovered that even though she is based in New York, she is originally from up the road in Donegal, we knew we had found a gem!!

Have a nosey on their website to see for yourself!

La boda 
With love xx

Ok, so you’ve settled on your dress. You can’t believe it. You thought you’d never be able to decide but now it’s done! What next?? 

To veil or not to veil? That is the question your bridesmaid has just put to you when you thought you were done on decisions for the day!! You thought you were minutes away from that glass of prosecco over a celebratory lunch but your bestie has just thrown a spanner in the works!

For some brides, this is a no brainer. They knew which veil they wanted before they picked their dress. It was always going to be that long lace trimmed veil that reminded them of the one their granny wore. For others though it poses quite the dilemma.

Long or short? Over the face or not? Sparkles or plain? Lace? Pearls? Trims? The combinations are endless!! Half your bridal party thinks you have to have one. The other half think not. You’re confused!!

You might even think we may be confused if you catch a glimpse of our veil display. Lots and lots and lots of veils. But rest assured! We know each and every one of them. There are certain industry rules of thumb when it comes to matching up your veil with your dress and all our team are well versed in these. There will always be an element of personal taste too when it comes to veils and so we will marry up (pardon the pun!) your dress with a couple of perfect suggestions so that your final decision is a piece of cake! 

Have a look at some of our real brides to see what we have paired with their dresses.

La Boda 
With love xx

Love Atelier Pronovias? Tick. Already satisfied your bridal curiosity? Tick. Close to choosing ‘the one’? Tick. Perfect! You need to keep these dates free. Stick them into your diary a.s.a.p. because our designer weekend is the ideal event for you…

Only starting out on your wedding dress journey? Not able to answer ‘yes’ to any of the above? Don’t fret! Check them out online and if you love them as much as we do (I mean…what’s not to love!!)……….you need to come along too!

This fashion filled weekend kicks off on Friday 2nd February 2018 and sees the arrival of the largest selection of Atelier Pronovias dresses in Ireland. And we’re over the moon to say that they’re landing right here with us in la boda. We can’t wait to start opening the boxes!! You’ll get to see so many styles that you wouldn’t find otherwise anywhere else in the country.

Each year, Hervé Moreau and his team creates an extensive collection of Atelier Pronovias wedding dresses for us bridal boutiques to select from and show to you stylish ladies. Unfortunately, as much as we’d love to, we can’t buy the whole collection ? But for this ONE WEEKEND ONLY the designer is going to loan us a fab selection of his gowns to go along with those that we already have ??? Yippee!!

So are you ready to get booked in? Give us a call today to secure an appointment. Last year’s event booked up really quickly so get your skates on!. There is a £35 consultation fee payable when booking. For this, you’ll get 1-½ hours to browse and try on with your own private room and consultant. To keep you all going, we’ll even serve up prosecco and nibbles!! No limit!! ? And to top it off, when you buy your dress at the event, you’ll not only get your hands on one of our famous luxury gift boxes. Wait for it……you’ll be entered in a draw for the chance to win £1000 OFF YOUR DRESS. Wow! ? Imagine how fab that would be!!

We are buzzing for this event and can’t wait to see you there.

La boda

With love xx

What do you recommend for my body shape? A question that we, as bridal shop assistants, get asked regularly at the beginning of an appointment. And it’s the one I dread!! Well….dread is probably slightly too strong a sentiment. Let’s say…….try to hold off on until a little bit further into the appointment at least!

It’s amazing how many times I’ve misjudged a person’s body shape/size from an initial glance. I’ve had brides arrive in the colder months wrapped up in weather appropriate parkas, judged them to be slightly broader up top only for them to take off layer upon layer of woolly jumpers to unveil a super svelte frame. Similarly I’ve had brides that have been particularly blessed with a lovely set of slim ankles but when they have taken off their flowing summer dress have revealed a slightly more rounded silhouette.

So you see…’s a really tough question to answer at the start. And even after seeing a bride stripped down to their underwear ready to try on the first dress, I still find it a tough one.

Yes, there are generic rules that you will hear when you read magazine articles on body shape like…… go for an A line skirt if you are pear shaped as it will balance out your bottom half or avoid a high neckline if you are fuller busted as it may draw attention to your chest.

And yes, there is some reasoning behind these suggestions. It makes sense that the classic A line gown, with its subtle and balanced lines will highlight the narrowest point of a pear shape and gradually flare out over her lower half, making it very easy to wear.

But what if this particular pear shape is not a classic bride? What if she has a huge personality and doesn’t want to hide her equally huge booty? Should I sway her away from the super figure hugging mermaid styles she’s immediately drawn towards something that skims her hips based on the rules?

My point is this………….these generic style rules don’t take into consideration a whole host of different things which, in my eyes, determines what suits a bride on her big day. I think it’s very difficult to come straight out and categorize brides into shapes they should and shouldn’t be wearing. Yes Gok Wan can do this day in day out and it seems to make a big difference to the ladies he helps.

But wedding dresses are different. Wedding dresses are cut differently to dresses in high street stores. Wedding dresses have very different construction. Wedding dresses are a one off statement. Your wedding dress should make you shine and I would prefer you to ditch the rules and find a dress that matches your personality and fits you……………..rather than wear something just because you should!


With love xx

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