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To Veil Or Not To Veil?

Ok, so you’ve settled on your dress. You can’t believe it. You thought you’d never be able to decide but now it’s done! What next?? 

To veil or not to veil? That is the question your bridesmaid has just put to you when you thought you were done on decisions for the day!! You thought you were minutes away from that glass of prosecco over a celebratory lunch but your bestie has just thrown a spanner in the works!

For some brides, this is a no brainer. They knew which veil they wanted before they picked their dress. It was always going to be that long lace trimmed veil that reminded them of the one their granny wore. For others though it poses quite the dilemma.

Long or short? Over the face or not? Sparkles or plain? Lace? Pearls? Trims? The combinations are endless!! Half your bridal party thinks you have to have one. The other half think not. You’re confused!!

You might even think we may be confused if you catch a glimpse of our veil display. Lots and lots and lots of veils. But rest assured! We know each and every one of them. There are certain industry rules of thumb when it comes to matching up your veil with your dress and all our team are well versed in these. There will always be an element of personal taste too when it comes to veils and so we will marry up (pardon the pun!) your dress with a couple of perfect suggestions so that your final decision is a piece of cake! 

Have a look at some of our real brides to see what we have paired with their dresses.

La Boda 
With love xx

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