Not to be missed!

Exciting Event at La Boda!


So the big news is that we are going to be holding an Atelier Pronovias designer weekend at the end of this month and it is going to be amazing! Very rarely do we do something like this but we just couldn’t say no. Last year’s event was too good not to repeat! We will have the largest selection of 2017 Atelier Pronovias dresses in Ireland available for you to view and buy and it’s for one weekend only. So get your diaries out and your appointments booked. You do not want to miss this!


At our la boda bridal premises in Church Square


Friday 27th and Sat 28th January. It will be by appointment only so make sure you get in quick! There are still a few appointments remaining.

How much?

There is a consultation fee of £30 payable to secure your 1½ hour appointment. This is taken off the cost of any dress purchased on the day.

Other stuff you might want to know

We understand that looking at and trying on bridal dresses is a very tiring business that requires mental strength and refuelling so you and your party will be provided with glasses of bubbly or cups of tea (for the unfortunate designated drivers!) along with a few sweet little nibbles to keep everybody’s strength up on the day.

Major bonus of the designer weekend – If you buy one of the Atelier Pronovias gowns on the day you’ll get one of our exclusive gift boxes filled with special little treats just for yourself and also one big treat! Each box will have a luxury gift for each bride such as a voucher for The Merchant Hotel, an Olivia Burton watch, a Tiffany bracelet to name but a few. You never know, you might be lucky to have even two of the above in your box!

Tips for the weekend

 Probably the most important tip we have to give you about making the most of our designer weekend is to try to have been to one or two other bridal appointments before attending your appointment on the day (unless you have a super specific idea of what you want and are determined not to veer away from this) There will be a large selection of dresses on show on the day and you will have to pick the specific ones you wish to try on within your appointment time. This is so much easier if you know what shape/which necklines suit already.

Apart from the above tip, just the normal rules apply – no wash off fake tan please and try not to put too much make up around the neck area as this can rub off easily onto the dresses (which unfortunately we have to send back after the event!). Nude, seamless underwear and strapless bras are always handy but not a must.

See you there!

We are totally in love with these Atelier dresses and would love to see lots of la boda brides wearing them on their big day so if it sounds like something you’d be interested in……why not book in to come see us.

La boda

With love xx

Welcome La Boda Bundle!

We’re delighted to be able to let you all know that Carmen, our manageress, and her husband Marky welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world at the end of November. Phoebe Hodgen is such a little cutie (I’m sure you’ll agree!) and is doing so well.

Lots of you over the last month or so have been asking about Carmen and passing on your best wishes. Happy to report that she’s had a lovely Christmas with her nearest and dearest and is settling in nicely to motherhood!

A few wee pics of Carmen and Phoebe….

Whilst we’re missing you here at la boda Carmen, we hope you enjoy a fabulous maternity leave. Enjoy every minute!!

Love Emma and Susan xx

la boda real bride – Courtenay and Barry’s Wedding

Ok, so it would appear that it’s my turn to blog and given that only last Saturday I attended a good friend’s wedding I thought what better to blog about!!

When I first found out that Courtenay was going to have her own fairytale ending with Prince Charming AKA Barry (it is important to note at this point that this now bride is seriously obsessed with all things Disney, hence my subtle references!!), I thought to myself, I would love to be a part of her story.

Firstly she is gorge, so would make a seriously beautiful la boda bride and secondly, it is always such a privilege to be involved in a friend’s big day in such a personal way.

From the off Courtenay had a strong sense of the look she wanted to achieve so we knew what we had to find for her. Let’s call it Disney chic, fairytale without the poof!! With close friends and a stylish mum on hand for advice, in the end the decision was easy.

Courtenay chose Mariana by Pronovias which, as you can see from the photos demands a bride with a seriously trim figure and toned back. A fishtail with soft layers of lace and fine, delicately beaded straps dipping into a daringly low back. Truly fab!!! We finished off the look with a 2-tiered scattered, beaded lace veil so that Courtenay could have her grand entrance.






Having not been to a wedding all year I was super excited to get all dolled up for the occasion. Having recently inherited and completely fallen in love with an amazing navy hat from my husband’s Granny (stylish Granny you’re thinking, I know!!) I went in search of an outfit to match. I popped into Blush Boutique, Belfast on a day off and instantly saw the perfect dress, easy peasy. Sparkly gold accessories were the obvious choice, et voilà.

On the day I had my hair done by Kelly of Coccolare, a former la boda bride and make up by Chloe of CMC Artistry, another recent la boda bride and to say that I was thrilled with both would be an understatement, thanks ladies!!




The day itself was a little grey and mizzly but nothing was going to dampen Courtenay’s spirits. She looked totally amazing. (Well worth all those hours in the gym and the “clean eating” wouldn’t you say Courtenay?!). Her and Barry clearly enjoyed every minute, and why would they not!!

Galgorm is a beautiful setting and the Renaissance Suite was classy and elegant. The Disney theme continued throughout with the old favourites playing in the background, nods to Mickey and Minnie on the place settings and a truly fairytale cake. Fab speeches with hardly a dry eye in the house (never sit with a table of women most of whom have given birth in the past year, hormonal mess!!)




Topped up with gorgeous food and a few glasses of vino we sat to watch the first dance and then a particularly moving moment when we heard that Courtenay’s Dad had recorded a song for their Father Daughter dance. Courtenay was clearly emotional which was not surprising.


As with all fairytales, the story must come to an end. Barry whisked the new Mrs Farrell off to balmy Abu Dhabi to enjoy the start of their honeymoon while we remain “Frozen” in good old Norn Iron!! Look forward to catching up Courtenay when you get back!

With love

Susan xx

To Maternity And Beyond

So here I am in the last week of work before I head off to await the arrival of Baby H. Excited? Yes. Scared? Yes. But as all the lovely brides along with their mums, sisters, aunties and grannies that have come into the shop keep assuring me, ‘It will be worth it’ and ‘an amazing experience…..Ladies I’m taking your word for it! I would like to thank all these said ladies for being so lovely and patient. With my awkward baby giraffe bending when fixing trains and picking up clips, it has definitely given us some laughs!

Right now I’m finding it strange trying to imagine the next 9 months not being in La Boda everyday dealing with all the amazing people that come through the door and instead dealing with dirty nappies and night feeds… how very different indeed. Again ladies…I’m taking your word that it will all be worth it!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the brides I have dealt with, who will be getting married while I’m off, the most amazing wedding day. Please, please, please send pics! It might be the only thing that keeps me going until I get back to the land of La Boda. I already can’t wait to get back to helps lots of new brides find their perfect dress.

Lots of love & hugs

Carmen xx

Maternity Blog

Time to start dress shopping

So you have just got engaged, beautiful ring on your finger and your date set. Now it’s time to start the fun bit… dress shopping. Yayyyyyy!!! Although it is very tempting to go to every bridal shop you’ve ever heard of and try on as many dresses as humanly possible, that can only end in confusion or wanting to buy at least 5 wedding dresses…great if that is your aim! So before you start booking your consultations here are a few tips and some advice on what to expect from dress shopping.

Research your style
With the amount of shops, designers and dress styles out there it can make your head spin trying to figure out where to start. So we advise the ever so trusty Internet!!… it really can be your best friend. Try to get a good picture of your day and how you would love to look walking down that aisle. Then start researching designers and find out who does ‘your style’. Then find out which shops stock those designers and voila… you are ready to draw up your short list and book your consultations.

Figure out who’s best to come along (see ‘who to bring’ point below) and when they are free. Then get booking! If it is a Saturday that suits you best then be prepared to book in advance. As this is the most popular shopping day some shops tend to be booked up for a number of weeks and some shops also have a consultation fee for Saturday and Public Holiday appointments so have a card handy to make your booking.

Appointments Initial appointments tend be about an hour long. In this time you can expect to try on a range of different dress styles. Make sure your consultant knows your ideas so they can pick out the best dresses to suit your desires. Try to stay open minded as sometimes your consultant may just advise a dress style you hadn’t necessarily thought of.

Who to bring
wedding-dress-shopping2Generally it’s advisable that you don’t bring your entire entourage with you. Your maid of honour and/or your mum should be sufficient. With too many conflicting opinions, you can get a little overwhelmed when what you actually need are a couple of trustworthy people who know you really well and can help you make that all important decision. You never know when you might find your dress so always best to have the necessary people with you to do so.

Set a budget
The last thing you want is finding the perfect dress only to have your dreams shattered when you see the price tag! If you have a specific budget in mind make sure you tell the consultant when booking your appointment. They will happily help you find something perfect without having to resort to drastic measures like cutting guests or putting your bridesmaids in bin liners!!

What to wear
Most shops like to give you a hand getting in and out of the dresses so wear underwear that you are comfortable in. Nude coloured, seamless underwear and a good strapless bra are the best choice. Remember bad underwear will affect the way a dress looks and sits. Try and keep fake tan and make up to a minimum. It can get warm getting in and out of dresses and samples are very precious so smears of fake tan and lipstick all over them is not a good look…especially for the next bride wanting to try on! Feel free to bring along heels if you fancy a walk around in the dresses although most shops have podiums for you to stand on so you don’t necessarily need them.

Sample Sizes
wedding-dress-shopping3Please shop with an open mind. Not every sample is going to fit you perfectly. In fact most won’t. Some might be too big and will need to be pinned in and some might be too small meaning you will have to use a little bit of imagination. If you have concerns about the size of the shops samples you should have a chat about it this when booking your appointment. Some shops specialize in petite or plus sizes so it’s definitely worth a mention.

Be prepared to find your dress
Yes it is possible to find your dress at your first appointment and it is even possible that it could be the very first dress you try on. So be prepared to ‘say yes to the dress’ at any point. At the end of the day that is why you’re out shopping, right?

So armed with info, tips and advice… enjoy your shopping and we hope to see you soon at La Boda Bridal.
With love
Carmen xx

Pronovias Wedding Catwalk Fashion Show 2016

Hot off the catwalk….Barcelona Bridal Week 2017

Thanks to those pesky French air traffic controllers (who inconsiderately decided to go on strike just in time for our departure) our trip to Barcelona didn’t get off to the best start with over a 2hour delay. We took off just as we were supposed to be landing! A few proseccos on board helped soften the blow and all was back on track as our plane touched down on the sunny Tarmac.

Well what can we say…..As usual Pronovias had pulled out all the stops for their 2017 showcase. The newly revamped Juan Carlos 1 hotel was the perfect spot to chill out in between meetings, catwalk shows and lots of yummy meals.

After Getting our usual rep meetings out of the way, Emma and I hooked up with the rest of our entourage on Friday evening to begin the customary preparations for the catwalk and gala ball. 6 women , 2 hotel rooms, a pile of hair styling equipment and possibly every brand of make up under the sun. Throw into the mix a hell of a lot of Spanx and you can only imagine….total chaos!! But we made it and hey presto…..

Word on the street was that Irina Shayk was headlining the models this year and she nor any of the others didn’t disappoint. Oh my lord……..they all looked amazing. After having seen the most recent Hello magazine with Arnold swartzenegger’s daughter Katherine modelling the preview atelier 2017 range whilst getting my hair done the day before leaving (the usual pre Barcelona prep!) we were all on look out for her and any other celebs at the show. Whitney Port, Louise Roe, Malena Costa to name but a few we spied. Gorgeous ladies all wearing Pronovias Fiesta collection
If you didn’t get the chance to see the live streaming of the catwalk, definitely check out on YouTube ….and see for yourself.

The focus with this collection was on backs that dazzled with gemstones, original cuts in the skirts, delicate laces and lots of transparencies. Swoon-worthy to say the least!! To say that we are excited to get them in store is a major understatement.

Introducing the la boda family…

Hi there. I’m Emma, one of the owners of la boda bridal, and I’ve been given the monumental but daunting task of writing our very first blog. Pretty sure the last time I wrote anything of real substance was way back……….many years ago for my uni finals probably……so you’ll have to bear with me on this one.

We’ve been meaning to start our web blog for a good year or so now and talking about it for even longer so we thought we’d better get a move on. We’re heading off to Barcelona at the end of the week to see the Pronovias 2017 collection and know we’ll have loads of cool, exciting stuff that we want to write about after it for our first proper blog so I’ve decided to take the plunge and introduce us.

In our shop we have Carmen, Susan, Eimear and me! Carmen is our trusty manageress who mans the shop on a daily basis and most of our la boda brides will no doubt have been on the receiving end of Carmen’s bubbly personality at some stage or other. South African born Carmen got married two years ago in June so she’s recently been through the whole journey that is wedding planning and is totally clued in on all things bridal. It’s just been announced that baby number one is on the way too so she is positively glowing at the minute!

On Saturdays we are ably assisted by Eimear who, with her cool, laid back fashion style, has slotted in right at home over the last year. No doubt when uni is over she will end up in something to do with fashion and, if not, it will be a grave loss to the world of fashion as a whole!

That leaves Susan and me. We’re sisters and we started up la boda bridal 12 years ago this June. She’s the younger one – something which she likes to point out occasionally! I’m married 10 years now with two kids -Harry 5 and Anna 3 – and Susan got hitched 6 years ago and has one very cute 1 year old son called Teddy!

It seems like an age ago when I think back to our first trade show. We were two very nervous but super excited twenty something’s totally in awe of all the dresses and other stuff we discovered there that we had not even thought about in our business plan! It was an eye opener but a great time and I wouldn’t change anything about it for the world. We had lots of laughs and still do!!!

La Boda Bridal ship pic 12 years on…. we are still in the same building in our home town of Banbridge, although we’ve spread ourselves across a few more rooms now than in the beginning. We still deal with lots of our original suppliers. It has been nice to grow with them along the way. Pronovias, the Spanish giant, is one of those suppliers and we are so delighted and proud to have worked with them for so many years. Not only do we stock them in our shop but Susan and I also work as their sales reps in Ireland so we totally heart them. A few months after opening la boda we had the fortune to fall into a chat with one of their top guys who was looking for a rep and, after throwing in a few sentences of disjointed Spanish into the conversation (we both did Spanish as part of our uni degrees!), the job was ours. A real case of right place, right time!

More than a decade on and we are heading off to another show in sunny Barcelona this weekend. For the first time we are bringing along our dear mum to experience it all. She’s done her fair share of babysitting whilst we’ve been off on business (in fact we couldn’t have done half of the stuff we’ve done without the support of both our parents) so we are delighted that she is coming along. Our big sister Claire is also coming. Dad wasn’t so keen! His only request was a bottle of Jameson’s from the duty free on the way home!

Ok ..…so that’s just a little snippet of who we are at la boda. I’m hoping that one of the others ladies will step up to the plate for our next blog when we come back from our trip although, truth be told, I didn’t find this too bad. It’s actually quite easy to write about something you love.

Hasta Luego
With Love
Emma xx